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Classic book/reading list

good day!

Trying to come up with a list of must read classical books. Things like Funakoshi Sensei books, Morio Higionna and the like.

Taking suggestions. Thanks!

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Motobu Choki: Okinawan Kenpo Tode Jutsu, Kumite Hen
Mutsu Mizuho: Karate Kenpo

Some book of Mas Oyama. I can't remember the name. He became interested in grappling later on , or so I've heard.

Is this strictly about karate, or self defense books in general?

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Check out this forum thread, where you will find more suggestions:


Iain Abernethy
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There’s this list of old and new books that I put out a several years ago:


I’d add Itoman’s book to that too:


They would be the ones I would start with.

All the best,


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Thanks for the replies everyone. After I submitted this I realized that I used far too much haste. I was on mobile.. and I never give enough detail on mobile.

@cataphract - I should have specificed Karate. I often forget this isn't an only-karate place :)

To be more precice, often in Sensei Iain's podcasts I hear things like "Itomans book" or "Itotsu's book" and I never know where to actually go looking. So I'm looking for any books written say.. before 1950 in Japanese then translated to English. Or by masters of the pre 50's era.

Motobu, Miyagi, Itotsu, Funakoshi, Kano (Judo) .. all those house hold names we know and love.. anyone fromt his photo: :D


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This list should be rather complete on the classic stuff

Also compare this