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Comparing karate throwing with judo throwing (video)

In this video I compare karate throwing with judo throwing. This is not so much a technical comparison as a tactical comparison. The core techniques have common ground; although the focus on throwing in judo invariably means judoka do those throws to a much higher level. Where we find greater differences is the way those throws will be applied due to the differing goals of judo (sport judo) and karate (traditional self-protection focus). We see differences in objective, nature of enemy / opponent, entry to the throw, method of execution, and following on from the throw.

There are many other differences that are not discussed and viewers need to keep in mind that a ten minute clip cannot capture all aspects of this issue, nor can it capture all that was discussed at the training session (which lasted 3 days). Differences not discussed in this clip – although they were covered at the event – include getting up vs. securing a hold, safe landings vs. landings to finish, etc.

It should also be understood that all the standing throws discussed are also present in classical judo, but we rarely see them used that way in modern judo competition. It is the modern competitive versions of the throws that I focus on in this video. Those modern versions would not be suitable for the self-defence focused karateka due to the need to keep up right and avoid the fists, feet and weapons of third parties.

As always, this is not a matter of better / worse, but instead a matter of appropriate / inappropriate for any given objective.

I hope you enjoy the video and it gives you some food for thought.

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PS The YouTube link for the video can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Comparing karate throwing with judo throwing