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Knut Erik Landgraff
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Corona tip: Using the door frame as a training tool

In these dark and pandemic times a simple door frame may contribute to give frustrated and often isolated karateka some martial relief as we wait for better days! :-) At the bald age of 60, I regularly spontaneously use a door frames in my house as a play and training tools. I've been fighting the door frames for years and never lost. First I open the door. Within the frame I have no choice but to use strong simple techniques that work at very close range, arguably the most likely range for a sudden criminal attack. I usually stop in the middle of the frame, and one side of the frame is The Evil Enemy about to attack me. I hit back with massive power slaps, elbows, knees and hammerfist strikes, punches and low kicks, stamping flat imagenary insteps, headbut and so on. No room for fancy stuff! Needless to say the massive wooden frame is tougher than my knuckles, so I ususally do this in a rather controlled way. My wife and the landlord also have a vote in this matter. I mostly play with spontaneous combinations.  Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Visualisation is a big part of it. I may visualize a knife coming at me, or I imagine moving getting the attackers arms out of the way so I can land a hit. I may fight in place, or move in, out, between and throught the opening. Bang bang bang - escape. Maybe escape running to the kitchen where I can pick up a chair or some other improvised weapon, defending family members. Sometimes I have to fight off two attackers before I get to that point. Reason being, when I fight one side of the door frame, the other has a tendency to sneak up on me from behind ... ;-) Ok friends, train hard, knock on wood and have fun! :-)

Iain Abernethy
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Thanks for posting. The frames in my house are thin; which is typical for UK houses “built” in that time period (1980s). I’d not want to punch them for fear of causing property damage (one door frame is already in need of replacement due to a TRX incident). My previous home was built in the late 1700s and while much smaller, and without having a right-angle on the place, the walls and doors were super thick and built to last. In that case, I know the property would be A-OK, but the damage to my flesh could be significant :-)

While I’m not personally going to go to war with my home, I do like to train in places with limited space. Here are two videos I filmed in early lockdown. One is kata is confined spaces. The other is shadow combat taking the environment into consideration. I hope they add something to the thread.

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Knut Erik Landgraff
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Hmmm... I need  to  remind myself of The Golden Rule of Kitchen Karate: Close the window curtains real tight so the neigbours don't get concerned. They may call the medical emergency number, and then a bunch of very calm and sturdy lads in white coats will show up at the front door, insisting that the karateka try on their fancy canvas gi, the one with all those shiny buckles and heavy duty leather straps...  :-)