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Cross-Buttocks Throw from Pinan Sandan (video)

This clip was filmed at a seminar in Montrose, Scotland in June 2012. It quickly shows a piece of throwing bunkai from Pinan Sandan. The clip also shows a variation on the throw which can be used as a bridge to ground fighting. Deliberately seeking the ground is never wise in self-protection due to the inherent vulnerability from attacks by third parties, a hard floor, etc.  However, such techniques can be used in on- on-one dojo fighting and hence have a place in training. The key is always to be mindful of context and use the right method in the right environment.

Throws are not practised as much as they should be within karate; indeed some don’t even regard throwing to be a part of karate. In 1935 Gichin Funakoshi (founder of Shotokan Karate) wrote, “In karate, hitting, thrusting, and kicking are not the only methods, throwing techniques and pressure against joints are included … all these techniques should be studied referring to basic kata.” A few years later in 1938 Kenwa Mabuni (founder of Shito-Ryu) wrote, “The karate that has been introduced to Tokyo is actually just a part of the whole. The fact that those who have learnt karate there feel it only consists of kicks & punches, and that throws & locks are only to be found in judo or jujutsu, can only be put down to a lack of understanding … Those who are thinking of the future of karate should have an open mind and strive to study the complete art.”

We can see from these quotes that throwing was always a part of karate and that to think otherwise was considered as a “lack of understanding”. I also wholeheartedly agree with Mabuni that those thinking of the future of karate should strive to study the complete art of karate including its throwing element.

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Practical Kata Bunkai: Cross-Buttocks Throw from Pinan Sandan