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Dan Grading

Hi guys, I just wanted to get the opinion of some other martial artists on things you can do to prepare for a Dan grading, and particular things you can do to perfect Forms etc or just to mentally prepare. It would also be great if I could get some feed back on how to deal with the stamina behind an 8 hour Dan grading. Any help that any body from any style can give would be great, after all where else should could I get honest guidance (Sensei Excludued of course as they are already helping me deal with this) I just feel that it would be beneficial to get some other views from other experienced martial artists.


Mike Sheffield

Black Tiger
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Basic running and swimming stamina work will help you.

Kata daily, wear a lighter gi too, 8oz

Find a training partner to push you on and to do your 2-mans etc with

Good luck

Try Lawrence Kane's book "the way to black belt" too

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Breath on the day!

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Thanks guys, really grateful for the advice.

Mike Sheffield

Andrew Carr-Locke
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Have breakfast!

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 Sounds like a plan Andrew, I can see where your coming from with that, I bet there a quite a few people who will be so stressed they will forget to eat, and therefore will have little or no energy for the grading, so good advice thank you.