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Josh Pittman
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Dealing with collar tie and punch

Here are some videos of my teacher and me pressure testing (50%) techniques from various hyung that deal with a collar tie and a punch.


Oerjan Nilsen
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Some great stuff here :-) Interesting to watch AS you progress from completely staged to more live levels of training:-) Thanks for sharing that. One tip though for the filming aspect: if you don’t have a stand for your phone and or a friend to hold it you can tape the phone to the wall for a better shot (or frame). Then it is a little easier to watch for the viewers :-) I’ve done so a few times myself (but be aware that it might loosen if you don’t have a strong enough tape and make sur ether phone will not fall far onto a hard surface for obvious reasons ;-) The applications themselves look good. I recognise many from the Poomsae and several ones I use myself :-)