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the difference between knifehand guarding block and forearm guarding block

right so, after punching knifehand guarding block is the most commo movement in the forms, so we can take form that is it a fairly important move, but what about forearm guarding block? how do you guys see it being used. what i generally see the difference as is

knifehand guarding block

an entering technique moving hands out fo the way to facilitate other strikes

forearm guarding block

basic grappling technique, siezing elbow and neck maybe.

any thoughts?

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Knifehand guarding block = strike.

Forearm guarding block = grab.

Oerjan Nilsen
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Foreram guarding block could also be a strike. You just strike with the forearm instead of a knifehand:-)

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I agree with Tau (in the main), though other applications can be found.


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knifehand block is more strike (uchi) than block the blocking done by the other hand and leads to immobilization or broken limb while forearm block/guard is just that with the possibility to grab, wrench or punch. Furthermore the knifehand can be directed against other areas, too   doing much damage in the form of an uchi-komi.