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Dirty Chinte Flow Drill

This video is an extension of a previous analysis of the kata Chinte. The new analysis includes a flinch response and an effective use of tate shuto uke (vertical knife hand) to index and control the head while giving a "face wash". It's simple, dirty and fun.


Andy Allen

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Thanks for sharing, Andy! I don't practice Chinte in my system, but the material in your drill is present in several of our kata

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It seems like it should be a fairly common principle. It's actual similar to naihanchi with its elbow strikes into the palm... find the head and smash it!

Iain Abernethy
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Superb! I really like both the content and the presentation.

shotokanman70 wrote:
... find the head and smash it!

A fine and accurate summation of karate :-)

All the best,


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Really enjoyed this video.  I especially like the way you enter the drill.  Great use of the flinch as well.  I don't know this kata, but I can see that these applications are top notch.  

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Thanks. Glad you like it :)

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This is a GREAT drill. I don't know this kata, but I sure like how you are applying the movements. I think your specialty is creating these kinds of flow drills. Well done! 



Jeb Chiles
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I love this Kata and you made an excellent flow! Thank you Kind regards Jeb