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Lee Taylor
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Dynamic Focus Mitt Drills

I recently had the honour of teaching a couple of slots at the Bunkai Bash organised by Andi Kidd of Genjitsu Karate Kai, alongside some great instructors including Iain.

Here is a brief video highlighting progressive focus mitt drills using specific kata techniques that I taught. The video is means of a reference point for the attendees of the Bunkai Bash, so it does not give a full picture, but I thought that people on here may find them of use!


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Hi Lee,

I was'nt able to watch that clip on youtube due to copyright issues here in Germany. Had to use a webproxy. I would recommend not to use Lenny K. for background music. wink

I liked the content. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

Regards Holger

Lee Taylor
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Hi Holger

Sorry, forgot about the issue of music copyright in some countries!! Thanks for your kind words much appreciated