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Iain Abernethy
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Early BBC report on karate

Alan Whicker reports on karate for the BBC; at a time where it was not a household name … how many falsehood, myths and misunderstandings can you spot!

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PS My personal favourite has to be, “Compared with Judo, karate is like comparing murder with a ladies’ tea party”. No ill-informed sensationalist reporting from the BBC then? ;-)

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Good old Alan Whicker! Lol :-)

I believe that is a young Kanazawa behind him in the dojo...

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You just cannot get publicity like that for karate anymore. Imagine all the new walk-ins to any available karate class after that report.

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Class! laugh does anyone know who the South Wales student was/is?

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Vintage at Its best......"Its so deadly that most of the Japanese are freighten of it"...LOL

Steve Gombosi
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My fist doesn't look like a "board" - they look more like a morningstar. The police were duly impressed when I went in to register them ;-).

I still haven't figured out how to strike those "seven vulnerable points" "at one blow".