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Elbow Strike to Rear Naked Choke

This is a short video I put together demonstrating two techniques and how they can be practiced together. Any constructive criticisms are welcomed. Thanks!

Iain Abernethy
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Thanks for sharing Daniel! One thing I personally found odd was that I anticipated the “TAP! TAP!” at the end of the strangle … and then felt something was “missing” when arm-less, plastic Bob didn’t tap for you to release :-) You always hear the tapping noise when training strangles, right? :-)

I think you explain the content well and that’s a solid close-range combination to practise. I like how you show how it can be drilled solo on the BOB too. My only significant comment would be one of context. The application of a strangle means you are not escaping and you are vulnerable to third parties. It is therefore predominately a fighting combination as opposed to self-defence one. Always worth underlining these things I have found.

As a very minor point, we also may need to circumnavigate the arms if the enemy tries to protect their head from the elbows. If they bring their arms forward to stop the elbows, then the neck will be wide open for the strangle (which is what is being shown). However, if they pull the arms in and cover up, that could make getting the strangle harder (so we’d do something else). It’s never possible to cover all options in a short video, so that’s just a passing thought on my part.  

I do enjoy training on my BOB. This video is a great illustration of the things you can do with them that you can’t do on a bag.  Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing! We have a different method of getting into a rear naked choke from an elbow strike, but we are also using a different elbow strike--more like the tate-enpi-uchi in Passai or Seiyunchin--aimed at the sternum

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Thanks for the responses, gentlemen. Much appreciated!