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The End of Pinan Shodan / Heian Nidan (video)

This video was filmed at a seminar in Lund, Sweden and it looks at the “double block” / “reinforced block” found towards the end of Pinan Shodan / Heian Nidan. Personally I see the main application of this motion being a response to a throat grab which may happen following the application of the shuto-ukes found earlier in the kata. At the seminar we explained the full progression found in the kata, and that can also be found on my DVD, “The Pinan / Heian Series: The Complete Fighting System Volume 1”. Nevertheless, despite not being able to communicate the details of the combative progression of the kata in this quick clip, I hope it is still of some use to all those who view it.

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PS If you would prefer to watch this video on Youtube please click HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: The End of Pinan Shodan / Heian Nidan