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End of Seishan / Hangetsu Bunkai (video)

This video looks at bunkai for the end sequence of Seishan / Hangetsu. It was filmed at a session in Chicago in May 2015. The specific sequence looked at is the crescent kick followed by the “pressing kick block”. As is so often the case, when you look at the entirety of the move the application becomes clear. The hand that is kicked and the hikite (hand on the hip) all have a role to play such that an ineffective kick is revealed to be an effective takedown. From that position, it again becomes clear that the “pressing block” is better viewed as a counter to an attempted tackle.

This application leaves no part of the kata unexplained and, more importantly, it works and reflects the realities of civilian self-protection i.e. it is not a choreographed karateka vs. karateka “battle” but instead is close-range and realistic in application and expectations. I therefore think this is likely to be the original intent of the kata sequence.

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Practical Kata Bunkai: End of Seishan / Hangetsu