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End Sequence for Fukyugata Ni (Gekisai)--Part 1


In this video, we examine one way to interpret and apply the double chest-block motion at the end of Fukyugata Ni as a defense against an attempted tackle up high or bear hug from the front. As with all attacks, we want to be aware as much as possible and to pre-empt and/or negate the attack as early as possible. We do not want to wait until we have been grabbed, tackled, or struck before we react. In this drill, we work on using the double block motion and the forward stance to jam the frontal attack and to stop the attempted tackle or bear hug. This technique should leave us in a more advantageous position in relation to the attacker, thus setting us up for some powerful knee strike counters. We also look at a way to get to the attacker’s outside to facilitate our escape.

I also have some footage of beginner students working the drill. Note: these students are total beginners (Absolute Beginners, as David Bowie sang...LOL) in my college PE karate class.



Iain Abernethy
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Thanks for sharing that David. I do like the way your analysis includes the full motion i.e. all the bits we flow through as opposed to just the bits the kata “freeze frames” on. That’s always important. The taking the arm over the head and punching (the “double punch”) is a nice application for that movement too! Furthermore, I always like it when “dirt” (things not specifically in the kata, but which would nevertheless be appropriate variants) gets added in. The knees may not be in the kata at that point, but they make good “dirt”. Thanks for sharing!

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