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Exploring the "Hidden" Strikes within the Middle "Block"

Hello, everyone,

This week, we took a look at a drill meant to explore some of the many different kakushi-waza ("hidden" techniques), so to speak, within the basic middle block/receiver, specifically focusing on the striking potential of the movement. This isn't so much a directly applicable fighting technique as it is an exploratory skill/flow drill, but it's a lot of fun, and I have found it very beneficial.

Iain Abernethy
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That’s a really good video when it comes to illustrating the need to consider the full motion when analysing kata. Easy to miss what is going on if you fixate on the end position (as many do). It occurs that this would be a good exercise for students to encourage thinking about the full motion i.e. “how many potential strikes can you find in the uke?”

All the best,


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Yes, wonderful. There are so many wasted opportunities along the path if you only focus on the end position.

This also reminds me of some of Richard Poage's Waza Wednesday videos where he explains a concept of a technique and when he shows them faster he fills in lots of those bonus hits along the way. I had to repeat and slow down some of them just to be able to see all of them.



Chris R
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Nice video and concept, thanks for posting.

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Thank you, everyone! I've definitely found it to be helpful for exploring the motions, and the same concept can be applied to your other uke-waza, as well.  

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Excellent presentation and in tonights class, I tought something similar with Tensho kata variations with the uchi uke underarm hook while my opposite hand shotei palm strike to the side of the jaw follow up with a knee strike to the groin or stomach area. There's so much possiblities....Good job!! Regards...Gerald