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Extreme Impact 3 Week Drill - Week 1: Basic (video)

Here is the first part of a three part technical pad drill. We’ll be sharing one part with you for the next three weeks, and the idea is that you spend a week working on each part.

The complete drill will allow you to practise timing, hitting while going forward, hitting while angling, hitting on the retreat, combining kicks & punches, etc. The drill builds from basic (week 1) to intermediate (week 2) to advanced (week 3).

This first part focuses on timing for an advancing target, effective use of the hips & hitting with the same hand twice. We hope you enjoy practising this drill & I will show you the intermediate level next week.

All the best,


If you’d prefer to watch the video on Youtube please click HERE

Extreme Impact 3 Week Pad-Drill: Week 1 - Basic