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Extreme Impact Padwork Combinations (video)

Here are a couple of combinations for you to try! We filmed this at the end of a recent training session and these are two of the set drills we did in that session. The key is efficient transitions between technique and adapting for distance. The combinations should be done with maximum intent such that you hold nothing back. If you are performing the combinations with enough intent, aggression and dynamism you should find it difficult to get beyond 10 to 12 good repetitions.

The clip was filmed by me (Iain Abernethy), Peter Consterdine is holding the pads, and Steve Williams is demonstrating the combinations. While head-height kicking may be impractical in real situations, there is no doubt that it is technically and physically harder than kicking low. It’s is for those reasons that the kicks are all head-height in these drills. If you can’t kick head-height, then simply get the holder to drop the height of the pad to middle level or even leg height. It’s not the height of the kick that matters, but the power, technique, transitions and intent.

We hope you have fun working these combinations and we will be bringing you more drills in the coming weeks and months.

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PS Other videos can be viewed on the Extreme Impact Youtube Channel:

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