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michael rosenbaum
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Farmer Walks

A simple but effective exercise for developing all round strength and stamina is the Farmer's Walk. All you need is a set of dumbells, kettlebells or cinder blocks.

1. Take both dumbells in hand.

2. Hold them above your head.

3. Walk around your block.

Or here is a variation

Just take the dumbells, one in each hand, and walk around your block at a brisk pace or up and down a steep incline.

The heavier the dumbell/kettlebells/objects the better off you'll be. If you have to set the dumbells down and rest that's great because it means you have to pick them back up again thereby executing a squat, cleaning type of action.

You can also perform bicep curls as you walk or military presses.


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Sounds like a good exercise, though I'd prefer to walk up and down my stairs a few times to avoid looking like an idiot! cheeky

If you're suggesting alternative exercises, I'd chip in with canine games?

Ever sit down and play tug of war with a 50 lb plus dog?  You get an excellent dynamic upper body workout and a lesson in applying full body power from the dog at the same time. enlightened

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I agree that its a great exercise. I use them once a week in a circuit that I do. Our farmer walks are constructed from a steel I-beam roughly 1m long and weighting 30kgs (approx 65lbs). The beams also have a peg on each end so that the trainer can add more weight. He's recently added 10kg to each beam so we're lifting and carrying my body weight which is a challenge for me as I'm Mr Puniverse. The farmer walks combined with the rest of the circuit has increased my strength significantly.