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Iain Abernethy
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Fighter, Rescuer, Healer by Tony Somers

Fighter, Rescuer, Healer, is the story of one man's evolution through the stages of his life.

In this book Tony Somers reveals how a normal person can grow to become a rare individual through honesty, love, faith and courage. Using his unique methods Tony will show you how your vulnerabilities (the very things that we all try to hide) are actually your strengths.

Having fear as a faithful friend has helped Tony to traverse the worlds of real combat martial arts, front line fire fighting and counseling people in their darkest hours.

Follow Tony, a very ordinary man, on his journey through inspiration, action and change.

"Tony’s story is an inspiration. Tony is an inspiration. I know that this book, these words, will educate, entertain and inspire anyone who is blessed enough to own a copy." Geoff Thompson (BAFTA Award Winning Writer)


Gary Chamberlain
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A great read!

Brought back memories as an ex-competitor and ex-firefighter myself.

Speaking personally, I was HUGELY relieved when I found out - often years later - that people I worked with (or competed against) were just as scared as I was.  Not so much fear of pain or injury, more of letting the side down or looking a chump ...

We did it though, despite the fear.  For that I'm grateful.