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Flow Drill For Pinan Shodan

Hi All,

You may have seen a post I put up not long ago regarding a little 'Bunkai Group' in Birmingham.  Below is a short clip of a flow we used for Pinan Shodan as part of the groups warm up.  It is not an instructional clip as the people who attended were already familiar with the individual sequences.  This drill was put together as a time efficient way to train all the sections together.

I hope you enjoy.  If you'd like to come to any future sessions please feel free to contact me and I'll pass on the details.  I can be contacted through facebook at www.facebook.com/AndrewRheestonKarate or via twitter @AndrewRheeston

Iain Abernethy
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Thanks for sharing that Andy! I like it lots! :-)

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Thanks Iain, I have some mire for the rest of the Pinan series which ill share once they are filmed. :-)