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Focus Pad Basic Impact Drill


Here's a drill my training partner Karen created.  A partner-based focus pad drill involving punching (Tsuki). 

1. Jab (Kizami Tsuki) & 2. Jab (Kizami Tsuki)

3. Cross (Gyaku Tsuki) & 4. Drop (Taisabaki) 5. Cross (Gyaku Tsuki)

6. Slip (Taisabaki) 7. Slip (Taisabaki) 8. Drop (Taisabaki)

9. Upper Cut (Ura Tskuki) 10. Upper Cut (Ura Tskuki) 11. Upper Cut (Ura Tskuki)

12. Hook (Mawashi Tsuki) 13. Hoot (Mawashi Tsuki).

a. Three-minute rounds with one-minute rest between each round.

b. Twelve rounds or alternate with a partner for six rounds.

You can alternate orthodox or south-paw.

Kindest Regards,


Iain Abernethy
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A nicely constructed drill that’s well demonstrated (#1) and explained (#2)!

Love it! Thanks for sharing!

All the best,


(#1) – Good job Karen! (#2) – Good job Ally!

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laugh thanks for sharing!