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Free E-book - MATSUYAMA THEORY of karate history


Guys, well worth a read for the history buffs!

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Thanks for sharing that!

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I have to say on a personal level I was a little disapointed re content (ie I read through and thought yes thats pretty much all been out there a while now), but I have followed McCarthy Sensei work for many years now, and respect his work greatly. I do have different opinions in places.

This document (very well put together by the way), would serve as a solid introduction to McCarthy Sensei experience and theory's to many whom have not been exposed previously, or in much detail.

I have to say Jesse writing style is not for me, im far more bland and not current and like my MA reading to follow suit, but it will appeal to the younger generations and the wider auidience.

Good stuff.

Iain Abernethy
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Thanks for posting the link Ben! I’ll be sure to share that via the various lists.

All the best,