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Frugal Training

I thought I'd share a few training hacks. Not sure if they're anywhere else, but here are some.

Resistance bands from old bicycle inner tubes. This is pretty simple. Get some old bicycle inner tubes and cut out a section where the nozel is and then wash them. Instant resistance bands.

Punching bag:  Find yourself an old surplus duffle bag that loads from the top. Fill it full of old clothing you'd give to charity and there you go. You can stick a few water bottles in the bottom for weight if you wish or add sand.

Chishi: Get a few plastic containers and some one inch dowels. Or just get some relatively straight sticks from your backyard and strip the bark off. Get some quick setting cement. Drive a couple nail in one end of the stick, place into plastic container upright with nails down in the container and then add cement. Relatively instant chishi.

Slip bag: Water bottle or any bottle plus string.

Focus mitts: Put 16 oz boxing gloves on backwards. Instant focus mitts.

Just a few.

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Check the local thrift store. I find all sorts of training equipment for SUPER cheap. Ankle weights, clapper pads, boxing gloves, sit up benches, rowing machines, free weights, treadmills, sparring gear, punching bags. If you don't see what you want go back in a week b/c people donate every day.