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Fukyugata Ich Bunkai Sequence Drill


I recently created and taught this bunkai seqence drill for Fukyugata Ich (the first kata in Matsubayashi, created by Shoshin Nagamine) to students in my college physical education course (PHYE 290: Studies in Karate). Working from some principles I picked up at Iain's seminar in Philadelphia earlier this month, I created a drill in which the defender is always on the attack, starting with the opening movements of the kata applied as a preemptive strike. Then, I discuss the rest of the kata as explanations for various "what if" moments. This is not a "flow drill" so much as a sequence drill or a "what if" drill. We always start with the first movement as a preemptive strike, and then we drill other parts of the kata as responses to possible counter attacks from the enemy.

The video is a bit longish (8 min), but it includes shots of the kata (for those who are not familiar with it) and explanations of each "what if" scenario. 

Thank you, Iain, for the inspiration!



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Thanks for sharing, David.

Lots of concepts/principles covered in the applications.

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Iain Abernethy
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I like it Dave! Thanks for sharing! Timing is perfect too, because I’m currently sharing a drill for Fukyugata Ni (Genkisai Dai Ichi) in the app :-)

Thanks for posting here!

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