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Full Pinan / Heian Godan Bunkai in a Single Drill (video)

This video shows a single drill that covers the applications for the whole of Pinan / Heian Godan. On my Facebook page I mention that my students had been working on the drill in practise and I asked if people wanted to see it. 434 people said they did and that is why this footage was filmed.

This short clip cannot possibly explain the methods and reasoning for every single technique within the drill. The assumption has been made that viewers are already familiar with the seven core drills shown for this kata on Volume 2 of my “The Pinan / Heian Series: The Complete Fighting System” DVDs.

If you are not familiar with that material, this drill could be difficult to follow. For those that do understand the bunkai that makes up the drill, you should find this simple enough and hopefully it will be useful in practising the primary bunkai for this kata in a time efficient way. As always, please take great care when practising and always practise under the guidance of a suitably qualified and experienced instructor.

Thanks once again to everyone for their support of these little clips. If you are enjoying them, please consider checking out the professionally filmed and edited material available on the website.  It is the people who support us by purchasing that material that enable us to keep providing these free videos, the podcasts, etc. Thank you!

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PS If you’d prefer to watch the video on YouTube, please click HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Full Pinan / Heian Godan Bunkai in a Single Drill