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Nimrod Nir
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The Functional Karate Revolution

Hi All,

Just watched the latest Jesse Enkamp video. This time, a very interesting conversation with Hanshi Patrick McCarthy.

Topics covered:

- Worldwide rise of functional (practical) Karate and its main drivers (internet and MMA).

- Historical development of Karate in Japan, particularly how and why Karate lost its practicality. 

- Correct learning and training process (very similar to Iain's 4 step training process).

- Bonus content:

* Cool historical photos, including what looks like the last move in Seienchin performed by a group of practitioners. 

* Interesting bunkai for the beginning of Bassai Dai (an augmented guillotine choke with leg trapping).

* Another interesting bunkai for (what seems to me as) the triple nukite part in Gojushiho.

I'd like to hear your thoughts, particularly about the bunkai shown. I really liked the Bassai Dai one. 

Enjoy watching