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Gekisai bunkai from Ryan Parker

This week's Waza Wednesday features a special guest appearance by Ryan Parker Sensei (http://ryukyuma.blogspot.com and http://youtube.com/thecontemplative2), who visted our dojo for the first ever Ryukyu Martial Arts Friendship Gasshuku a couple weeks ago. The sequence we are looking at is the chudan-kake-uke/mae-geri/age-enpi-uchi/uraken-uchi/gedan-barai sequence in Gekisai.

Some additional notes from Ryan:

"Something which isn't explicitly mentioned in the video is that the hiki-uke is sometimes being used to do a quick finger-jab atemi to the eyes with the left hand. This works especially well when working against the jab-cross combination. Also, the elbow-strike covers the right side of the head (which is important when working against a right punch or the jab-cross, especially given that the principle here is a strong entry rather than evasive tenshin)."

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Good stuff!  Nice and simple.