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Geoff Thompsons Pure Function Course by Wayne Poulter

Below you can find a 9000 word diary / review of Geoff Thompson’s Pure Function course. It’s a well written piece which tells of Wayne Poulter’s experience of the course and what he gained from it.

On a personal note, Geoff has always been a big influence and a great mentor to me. Geoff has always been one of the martial arts most controversial figures, but there can’t be any doubting the efficiency of what he does and his unique ability to communicate his methodology and thinking. I’m always amazed by the way Geoff can talk, in an uncompromising fashion, about the brutal nature of violence – and what is truly needed to deal with it – and then seamlessly relate that to personal growth, living a full life, and the heights of spiritual and secular philosophy. This yin / yang compromising a holistic whole is something that greatly appeals to me.

I hope you enjoy this insight in to training with Geoff.

All the best,


Click HERE to download the PDF