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Iain Abernethy
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The German Martial Arts Tradition

Hi All,

Here is a short film on the German martial arts of the past. Something I hope that you find interesting. If this wets your appetite for more information on Western arts, the longer documentary found here may be of interest: http://iainabernethy.co.uk/content/renaissance-martial-arts-web-documentary

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The German Martial Arts Tradition

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At the tail end of the video the chap was answering the classic "so what" question - why translate and re-create what is essential a dead martial art. I think he gave a very valid reason, which is "why not" -  it is interesting and fun  - and personally I this is a perfectly reasonable answer.

But I think he missed a trick which is the art of sword fighting in the 15th Century was based on real battlefield experience  - the old litmus test for any martial art technique or application. These are rhymes in German, written for a purpose synonymous to Kata, passing on combat principles distilled from the experience of  undertaking real life and death stuff.

... wouldn't these principles also be applicable to modern martial arts ? Maybe we actually have something to learn from 15th Century martial rhymes that may also enrich our own training?


Tom Runge