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Goju Ryu and the Fuzhou Crane Link


I just finished reading http://www.livingtraditions.co.uk/goju-ryu-and-the-fuzhou-crane-link/ this article by my close friend Joost Frehe written in reflection of a recent research trip that included the Fuzhou Karate-Wushu Exchange Convention and the Okinawa World Budosai, including a couple of videos of Babulian/Babulien - the Fuzhou Crane form closly linked to the kata Happoren found in Okinawan karate.

Joost is a former IOGKF squad member and personal student of a British Goju Ryu legend George Andrews, a 6th generation student of unchinadi and a shidoin of Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu under Hansh Patrick McCarthy, a student of 3rd generation Fuzhou crane expert Yu Dan Qui and a fully qualified practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. Liviingtraditions.co.uk is well worth a visit!


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