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Gojushiho, Naihanchi Sandan, and Kusanku Oyo Bunkai

Hello, everyone,

I'm sure most of the forum knows that my Sensei, and co-creator of Waza Wednesday, passed away suddenly from brain cancer at the end of December, and the series went on hiatus while we dealt with that situation. He would not want us to stop sharing our karate, though, and he would want Waza Wednesday to continue, so three weeks ago we started it back up, and I only now realize that I hadn't posted those videos here on Iain's forum--I have clearly gotten rusty :P. I wanted to thank Iain and everyone here, as well, for all of your support lately! I figure it's only fair to give back a bit, and share some kata oyo bunkai that we recently uploaded.

The first video takes a look at the repeating spearhands found in Gojushiho, and how I consider them "Honey Badger" techniques, along with some Bubishi references:


The second video covers the opening sequence of Naihanchi Sandan, and how it can be used to defend against and counter-throw someone trying to tackle you or take you down:


And in this week's video, we take a look at the "collecting hands" movement found at the beginning of Kusanku, although similar motions can be found in other kata, as well--specifically, we show how it can be used as a choke, and as a takedown much like some that can be found in the Bubishi:


Thank you!


Iain Abernethy
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Great videos Noah! They are always greatly valued here. I appreciate you taking the time to share.

Wastelander wrote:
I wanted to thank Iain and everyone here, as well, for all of your support lately!

Our pleasure. You and Richard had done lots for our community and it’s important assist and look out for one another.

All the best,


Les Bubka
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Hi Wasetlander

Excelent as always, thank you I will use some of those on my grading as Gojushiho/Useishi is part of it :)

Kind regards