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Gojushiho Opening Sequence

It seems like it's been a Gojushiho kind of couple weeks! This week's Waza Wednesday takes a look at the opening of Gojushiho, as practiced in the Shorinkan, but other versions of this kata have similar movements. In this case, the morote-gedan-barai (double low sweep) is used to pull the attacker into a strike, and set up the armbar, which is performed with the following osae-uke/uraken-uchi (pressing receiver/backfist strike). We demonstrate against a punch, but as always, the specific attack is less important than the positioning, points of contact, and direction of movement.

*And yes, I completely forgot to make the key points clips black and white the way I usually do :P

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Always enjoy these clips.


Erik P./Spaniard

Leigh Simms
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Hi Guys!

In the Shotokan version this move is done in a forward stance and I use it as a simple way to remove an obstruction to clear a pathway to the target!

In this mornings class I looked at a simple drill that demonstrates the "two-handed" principle of kata bunkai using examples from Gojushiho - including the first move.  Since this thread is already open I thought I would like to share it here!