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Gojushiho Spearhand Sequence

Hello everyone,

There are many versions of Gojushiho/Useishi, but a distinctive feature of the kata is its repeated sequence of spearhand techniques--typically in conjunction with some form of osae-uke (pressing receiver). I put together this short video looking at how we perform the sequence, and a basic application for it.

The initial technique is very "what you see is what you get" bunkai--parrying a right punch down and striking over the top with the spearhand. The next movement assumes that the attacker has blocked your strike, so you must clear the obstruction and strike again. In our version, the pressing hand circles upward, while others circle downward. This does not change the concepts being applied, although it changes the way you clear the obstruction. Nothing special, really, but simple and to-the-point.

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Interesting, me and my training partner we're working this kata this morning and filmed a few rough Bunkai ideas as a cool down. 

Ive posted the video on my Facebook page  it features Bunkai for the whole kata so apologies if it causes this thread to derail a little  

Its all very rough as we just stuck the iPad on record and blasted through our drills and we were a bit tired from practicing the kata and drilling the Bunkai repeatedly!

Also, we practice the shotokan version of gojushiho sho so the technique you demonstrate is performed a little differently by us, thus giving us a different take on the Bunkai!


Iain Abernethy
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Thanks for sharing these gentlemen! To add to the thread, here is an alternative take on the nukite sequences:

Here is a flow drill for the whole kata which also contains a look at that sequence:

All the best,


Leigh Simms
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I was working some concepts found in the Shotokan Gojushiho Sho at this mornings class. Thought I'd share my take of the three spearhands here too :-