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Good Fiction Book

Can Anyone recommend a good Fiction book which is Karate orientated?

I've read Shogun - James Carvell, The Ninja - Eric Lustbader and I got Gaijin - James Carvell and Jian - Eric Lustbader to read but wondered if there's more specific titles and Authors that you could recommend


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So nobody can recommend any Books that they've read, awesome?

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so when Shogun and The Ninja have something to do with Karate then I can recommend the following books that I've read over the years ;o).

o Eiji Yoshikawas Musashi and Taiko o James Clavells Shogun o David Charneys Sensei Trilogy (there are three books in german, I don't know if that is so with the english publications) o Laura Joh Rowlands Sano Ichiro Series (16 books so far) o Lian Hearns Tales of the Otori (5 books so far)

I hope thats what you are looking for.

Regards Holger