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Grading time line guide

Can anyone help with a question I 've asked and cant answer fully?

Whats the time scale between dan gradings ? is there any difference between styles for this time line guide Shotokan,Wado Ryu or Goju Ryu? Is there an age limit for certin grade/rank ? Who sets the standard for this guide line if there is one the J.K.A ?  W.U.K.O or another govening body?

Black Tiger
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Predominantly the timescales are depicted by the the next Grade level i.e.

1st to 2nd is 2 years

2nd t0 3rd is 3 years

3rd to 4th is 4 years

4th to 5th is 5 years


Although the Governing body I'm with only has 5 years between the senior Dan grades so for example

7th to 8th Dan would be 5 years not 8 years

Also, most schools have a lower limit of 16 or 18 years for Adult 1st Dan, predominantly its the "commercial" schools that have 10 year old 2nd dans etc


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I think that totally depends on the governing body. The German J.K.A. practice it the following way:

1. Dan min age 16yrs 1 year since 1.Kyu 2. Dan min age 20yrs 2 years since last grading 3. Dan min age 28yrs 3 years since last grading 4. Dan min age 38yrs 4 years since last grading 5. Dan min age 48yrs 5 years since last grading

6. Dan and above can only be graded when the national coach (Ochi Hideo) recommends it. 

The German Karate Association (Deutscher Karate Verband - DKV) has it the following way.

Jr. Dan min age 12 yrs 1. Dan min age 16yrs 1 year since 1.Kyu 2. Dan min age 18yrs 2 years since last grading 3. Dan no min age 3 years since last grading 4. Dan no min age 4 years since last grading 5. Dan no min age 5 years since last grading 6. Dan min age 45 years no waiting time 7. Dan min age 50 years no waiting time 8. Dan min age 60 years no waiting time

So you could be a 5. Dan by the age of 30 years. Or when you are over 60yrs of age and you are a 5.Dan you could grade to 8.Dan in no time (maybe a grading a year) theoreticaly. 

Regards Holger  

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Mmmm I'd like to hear more about this from other people and styles, dose anyone know what the old WUKO guide line for this is or was? How about the WKF and also who is the boss of them all or is there none so one must of made a rule of thumb to follow? 

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In my style Tang Soo Do it takes about 4 years to reach 1st Dan, at this point there is no age limit but there has been some take of having 12 years old being the youngest one can be at 1st Dan. But let me add the reality is it is unlikely that any one under the age of 12 could be fully prepaired for the 1st Dan test. After that from 1st to 2nd Dan is about 2 years, 2nd to 3rd is about 3 years 3rd to 4th four years and so on. there is an age limit at 4th Dan/ Master. Our group has desided Master Sa Bum Nim must be 21 years old. If someone was not 21 thet could test for 4th Dan and when they tested for 5th Dan would take their Sa Bum Nim test.