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Ground-hold following on from Naihanchi / Tekki bunkai (video)

This video shows a ground-hold following on from some Naihanchi / Tekki bunkai. It was filmed at a weekend seminar conducted in Stuttgart, Germany by myself and Peter Consterdine 9th dan (June 2015). This video concentrates on the final hold; which is a variation of a technique shown by Seiyu Nakasone (Tomai-te and Goju-Ryu).

To get uke into the position for the hold we used bunkai from Naihanchi / Tekki; specifically a backslap to the face and then a “spinning top throw”. The video includes a photo of a female student of Choki Motobu executing the backslap, and of Gichin Funakoshi executing the “spinning top throw” (Koma Nage). In his 1925 book, ‘Rentan Goshin Karate-jutsu’ Funakshi shows the throw and links it to Naihanchi kata saying, “This is an application of the gedan-barai in Naihanchi Shodan”. Again, a photo of Funakoshi performing the technique is included in the video.

Having used these two techniques from Naihanchi / Tekki, we conclude the practise sequence with a variation on a ground-hold captured in a photograph of Seiyu Nakasone (included in the video). In this case, we add in an additional entangled wrist-lock for extra control.

While the techniques from the kata are simple and pragmatic, the ground-hold is primarily shown for historical interest and enjoyment. It is my view that it is too elaborate to work in reality and it also has the huge tactical failing in following the enemy to the floor. Doing so will leave you extremely vulnerable to any third parties. It should also be noted that to restrain a determined individual you would realistically need at least three people. That said, it is an interesting technique with historical value and a legitimate place in “dojo duelling”.  In self-protection, remaining upright and fleeing would be a better option following in the Koma Nage.

I hope you enjoy the video and I’ll be back with more soon!

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Ground-hold following on from Naihanchi / Tekki bunkai