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Group Bunkai Analysis Number 2! Make your suggestions!

Group Bunkai Analysis Number 2! Make your suggestions!

Everyone ready for another team kata analysis?!

If you don’t know what this is about, please read the following page:


Last time, we looked at the start Seipai and the end result was a pretty impressive resource!


So what next people? Which kata sequence would you like to apply our collective powers of analysis to next? Please make your suggestions below, or on the facebook page:


(I'll pin the relevent post to the top of the page for the next week or so)

The process is outlined below.

All the best,


The next thing to do is for people to make their suggestions so we can have a vote next week on the top three. So here is what you need to do:

1, Please look in the comments on this facebook post:

(If you’re not a Facebook user, please look at the bottom of this post)

2, “Like” the suggested kata sequences that are of most interest to you (you can like as many or as few as you want).

3, If the sequence you want to see is not listed, then add it to the comments so others can also “like” it.

4, Please be as descriptive as possible i.e. “The three hops at the end of Shotokan’s Chinte” or “The sideway leg lift found in the Shorinji-ryu version of Useishi following the double downward motion of the arms” or “The jump in Wanshu”, etc.

5, Avoid vague or impractical suggestions i.e.

Vague: “The sequence in the middle of Kushanku”

Impractical: “The whole of Naihanchi-Sandan”

I’ll take the liberty of deleting such suggestions in order to keep the process on track.

I’ll give it a week and then put the top three most popular suggestions up for a final vote. Once we have a winner, we can all start video and sharing our thoughts.

NOTE: Non-Facebook users, please simply post your suggestion below and I’ll add them for you. Twitter users can tweet their suggestions to me (@iainabernethy). To vote, simply post below the ones you want to “like” with the prefix “I vote for” and I’ll make sure those are tallied in the final result.

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Here's one I would be interested in seeing:  the repeated part of Enpi/ Wanshu (I'm familiarwith the Shotokan version) starting with the rising gyaka tsuki,  knee,  dropping "strike" , and backwards gedan beri. 

Between 23 and 26 seconds on this clip: