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Iain Abernethy
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Half way between function and formality? (video)

Here is an interesting find sent to me by Stuart Squire.

Watch from 3:50 onward to see, what looks to me to be, a very formalised limb-control drill.

These kind of flow drills can be useful for repetition, but they have the major downside of a “neutral mind set” (i.e. the enemy is permitted to have their turn). So I think we should make sparing use of them. I’ve put some videos below showing how a more “informal version” applies to kata such as Naihanchi / Tekki and Gojushiho.

The main point of this post though was to show the above video and an interesting “half way house” between close-range “old style” karate and more modern and formal mid- to long-range “one step” karate.

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Sorry, late post, but just had a chance to watch the first video.

The limb control drill is the kotekitae (forearm conditioning drill) used in certain okinawan karate styles.

It starts just a little after the 30sec mark.  It is slowed down and exagerated from other versions I have seen, but the movements are the same.