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Les Bubka
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Hand eye & reflex drills

Hi all,

Yesterday we have been working on improving hand eye coordination and speed of the reaction. We use a set of tennis balls and a fome baton(racket).

My guys really enjoy this type of training, do you in your dojo have any interesting drills, I'm sure Iain will mention Beany the Basher :)

Kind regards


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Hi Les,

Nice vid, good training methods for reaction and good fun for pupils, can break the class up and keep things interesting...

I sometimes get my pupils to have games of tag, start with who can tap the others knee and if successful the person who got tagged has to do 3 press ups, then start again. After this I up the anty by making the tag area knee and shoulders... then knee, shoulders and top of the head... this really gets them moving and at the same time reacting to their opponents actions, having to dodge and block their attempts. On top of all that it's good fun and they all finish the drill smiling, you feel the energy in the room lift. 

I'll be purchasing some tennis balls and give this one you showed a try...

All the best,


Les Bubka
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Hi JD, I'm using the same drill from time to time it is a great fun and gets people warmed up quickly :) Kind regards Les