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Heian Godan's Manji Uke as Defence Against Guillotine Choke

This video shows how manji uke from Heian Godan can be used as defence against a guillotine choke. This application, by Leigh Simms, is used in conjunction with other Heian Godan techniques to flow in a loop. I have added an Empi uchi to allow Leigh's drill to to loop. I also use the pivot and final manji uke from Heian Godan to exit the loop with a takedown.

Flow drills, especially those that loop, are great in the sense that they allow for lots of repetition. However, they should be just one layer of our training. Like all drills, they introduce a training scar in the sense that they teach us to fail for the sake of the drill. We should also practice kata oyo with resisting partners in an unscripted manner.

The guillotine choke was presented as an application of Bassai Dai by Patrick McCarthy in his Aug 2017 seminar in Ormocto, NB.

Mark Powell
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Another great one, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks, Mark.

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Great application, great exit, and very good explanations. I also liked the worm's-eye view a lot.

Thanks for sharing!


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I really like how you create these types of partner flow drills. Thanks for sharing!



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Phenomenal drill video and bunkai variation....Regard...Gerald.