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Iain Abernethy
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Heian Nidan drills involving a wall (video)

My friend Stewart Squire shows some Heian Nidan / Pinan Shodan drills involving a wall. Very innovative!

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I like it!

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I have a similar approach for my Hiean Yondan opening application. Instead of escaping I use the body shift to upset their balance and attack the head. I also see the kanku dai opening as a similar position defence.
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These are very interesting; I have been looking at the Pinan Kata, particularly this on for a while now, and this is an idea I haven't seen before. I think the very last armlock against the wall is a bit shakey, and perhaps redundant after trapping his head against the wall with the shuto uke, but overall I like the approach, especially the bit about moving to the outside at the beginning of the drill with the hammerfist/ hammerfist sequence.  Maybe the first hammerfist would work better as a shovel hook into the ribs?

I'm definitely going to play with this one in the dojo.  I like it, well done!