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Heian Nidan Looping Flow drill.

I recentlly taught what I dubbed a 'looping flow drill' for Heian Nidan. It's based in Iain's interpretation of movements 1 to 6. I added the shuto uke as a means to allow the drill to loop over and over for uninterupted practice. It is in keeping with the 'husband and wife' hands idea where both hands have a functional purpose.

Iain Abernethy
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Love it! Very well done and skilfully demonstrated! Thanks so much for sharing it here!

I’m sharing that one on Facebook and Twitter too because folks will love it.

I’ve also copied the text from the YouTube below so people get the notes about footwork, etc.

Thanks once again for sharing!

All the best,


YOUTUBE TEXT: This is a looping flow drill that uses movements 1 to 6 in addition to knife hand 'blocks' (shuto uke) from Heian Nidan. Start the drill with a cross-hand grip on the uke's wrist (right grabs right or left grabs left). In the video, a mawashi uke is used to get the wrist control needed. Note that in the drill both hands are active; one traps or grabs as the other hand strikes.

Pay attention to the footwork in the video. You will need to constantly change angles. This is a good exercise to drill these techniques since the practitioner can do as many continuous reps as he/she likes.

Note that the uke in the drill is compliant to allow for the flow.

This drill is a modification of an exercise taught by Iain Abernethy in his April 2016 New Jersey seminar.

Lionel Froidure
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Thanks for sharing, really like it. Execellent combo drill.

Take care


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Thanks, Lionel. I appreciate the feedback.

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Thanks, Iain. I enjoyed your seminar in New Jesey last April. I hope to get to another one soon.

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Excellent video and combo flow...Keep up the good work sir.

Les Bubka
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I really like your flow, in my karate I started to switch my bunkai to that type, where you more responding to oponents in flowing movement. Most of our bunkai used to be one attack one response. Something like the techniques in this clip

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I like it! Nice work.