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Heian Nidan/Pinan Shodan Bunkai Flow Drill

Please comment hope you like

Mr P
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Thanks for sharing. I liked that drill, the moves flowed smoothly as defender reacted to attacker. they all made sense.

kind of reminds me of tai chi sticking hands. I do not mean that in a bad way. I wonder if older Chinese influences on Okinawan karate made practitioners do flow drills in a similar style?

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Thank you for your comment - i allways appreciate when people share their oppinion about what i do, no matter if it is bad or good comments.

I use alot of the differnet drills for each "technique" or principle seperately - and my phiosophy is - allways stay in touch/contact.

I use the Kakie, Pummeling, Hubad, Lap sau, Lat sau, High-5-Low-5 etc. :-)

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Thanks a lot for sharing this Kyoshi,  this is a very good and inspiring drill.

I like the way you stay in contact when flowing from one application to the other, and also the way all this fits together. And all that with realistic applications which is excellent. 

Nice work !