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Heian nidan/Pinan shodan/Pinan sono ni

I was going through old files on my computer and found a couple short clips I filmed for a friend playing with some bunkai for this kata. Figured I'd throw them up here :) These were filmed without planning or rehearsal at the end of a long class, so please excuse the poor quality.


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Questo è italiano.

P.S   Very Impressive


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Thank you for sharing, Dillon--I'm quite impressed! I can see how the techniques fit the kata, and they are solid, effective techniques! I have some personal preferences that would differ from your applications, but I will say that your second video features an awful lot of stuff we work.

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Yeah- these aren't the only ways I use this kata (or necessarily even the primary ones) but I had some folks ask for an example of how we connect our karate and grappling (which I jokingly call Cobra Kai-roprachtic).

Iain Abernethy
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Hi Dillon,

Thanks for sharing those! Great stuff and an excellent contribution to the knowledge base of our tribe.

All the best,