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Andi Kidd
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Heian/Pinan Sandan against lapel grab

Hi all

Just a little bit from the start of Heian/Pinan Sandan to play with lapel grabs



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Very interesting. I really like using the first "chest block" as an uppercut or other such strike. In pressure testing lapel grab escapes like this, I think it's key to "soften" the attacker up with some blows first if possible. Thanks for sharing and adding another example for this movement!



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Nice work Andi, That initial strike is nice. I'm looking forward to testing it out on my students. Tang Soo! John

Andi Kidd
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Cheers both. This is one of the applications for the motion. The more I play with Sandan the cleverer it is. There is a very similar application in Jion that I may do soon. 

I think with the chest block, it gives you enough redundancy in the movement that it will help even when it goes wrong!