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Heian/Pinan Sandan: Guillotine Escape!

The guillotine choke is practiced in numerous grappling arts and is even seen in assault scenarios. In this video I demonstrate how movements 7 to 10 of heian/pinan sandan can be used to escape a guillotine attempt. This technique requires action before the enemy's hands get connected. Being able to recognize the choke attempt is key to staying safe and getting into a position to counterattack.

The moroto uke is used to control the choking arm and to deliver a groin shot. The nukite serves to make space for escaping the choke. The spinning hammer-fist is used as another groin shot (or to the ribs if the groin is not accessible). The punch the follows finishes the job. This drill makes good use of the "husband and wife hands" principle. There is never an inactive hand.

I really enjoy flow drills. If well designed, they teach us important principles so we can respond to opportunities quickly and efficiently as they arise.



Mark Powell
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That's very similar to a technique I know from baguazhang but I'd never spotted it in pinan sandan. Thanks Andy!