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Lee Taylor
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Heian/Pinan Shodan Focus Mitt drill

Hi all

Here is a focus mitt drill to help train some core principles of the Heian/Pinan Shodan kata, which include the angles and having both hands busy. It allows the practitioner to add impact into the kata technique in a safe way, and helps them feed off the response of the pad holder into the proceeding technique developing sensitivity skills. Progress to adding speed and impact when ready. Hope you find it of interest and can use or improve it!

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Hi Lee,

that is a really good one. Thanks for sharing. I also really like your other pad drills you put on youtube. Keep up the good work.

Regards Holger

Lee Taylor
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Hi Holger

Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot! I have the rest of the Heians to upload soon :)



Iain Abernethy
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Great drill that one. I love the way the movements flow and that both the technique and angles in the kata are fully adhered to. Very good!

All the best,