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High Block Lapel Grab Application


Here is another kihon application drill for the high block; this one involves a lapel grab. Being grabbed in a self-defense context is a very dangerous scenario. One should do everything possible to keep from being grabbed. However, we need to have strategies and skills to deal with situations in which we are grabbed. This video looks at one way to apply the high block (jodan uke) as a means for dealing with a lapel grab. This drill also explores the basics of take downs–in this case, moving the head backwards faster than the feet can move to maintain balance.



Iain Abernethy
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Loving the “lower-block” takedown! That’s a heavy fall. Great expression of many key principles in there too. Thanks for sharing Dave!

All the best,


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Good stuff Dave. I like the gedan barai with a jodan uke follow up,especially when you step at 45 degrees to minimize the strike from the assailant. Thanks for sharing....Gerald.

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Thank you both, Iain and Gerald! I've taken some of these ideas from Matsubayashi's first basic kata, Fukyugata Ich. In the middle of the kata, there is a high block at the 45 degree angle and then a low block in the opposite 45 degree angle. I like to view that low block as a takedown. Adding in the reverse punch (which shows up on the other side of the kata as a different possible follow up to the high block) I think sets the enemy up nicely for that low-block takedown. Fun stuff!!



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Nice, David! I like it a lot. The principles (and techniques) used are very similar to how I use Heian Shodan/Pinan Nidan.

You make a good point about the takedown being effective because the head is moving faster than the feet can catch up.

Thanks for sharing. Please keep them coming...

Take care,