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Shpend Ibrahimi
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Hiki uke

When this 'block' is performed during training the 'inactive' hand is (sometimes) placed at the sternum and the neko ashi dachi is assumed at the end of the technique. Why?

Any thoughts?

All the best


Chikara Andrew
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I spent alot of time playing with explanations for this movement having been given various explanations over the years, including blocking multiple punches, but almost always ending up with a grip on the opponents wrist. Distance wise I was never comfortable with the way that worked. I tend to view it now as a trapping move, either against a grab or against an agressive arm too near the face.

The first hand comes across, opposite of the "attacking" hand and clasps the grab or collects the hand it and pins it to your own body. Your other hand then comes round from underneath executing the Hiki-uke, on the upper arm. This can be further applied by digging the fingers and thumb behind the bicep as you pull down and towards you in the final part of the movement. 

As for the cat stance, in Shito-ryu and Shukokai this movement is almost always accompanied by a cat stance, this only serves to assist with the pulling down by dropping the body weight.

I can't find any video clips to support my explanation so hope it makes sense.