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Iain Abernethy
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Hit Harder, Be Stronger by Kris Wilder

Hit Harder, Be Stronger

Almost 20 minutes of video instruction and a 50+ page manual = a 7-week program for you to internalize and generate more power.

Your technique should be as powerful and compelling as you can make it. Get the edge, the edge of power at your pace, and in your own time. 

This program is designed for you to learn the traditional methods of power generation coupled with modern understanding. Both of these methods aiding you in making your martial art truly your own.

Get instant and unlimited access to the video instruction and the downloadable manual within moments of your decision to elevate your power. 

See the free promotional video by going here:  http://kriswilder.com/creating-martial-power/

You will be stronger, and you will hit harder.

More information on Kris Wilder: www.KrisWilder.com